Shoelace Size Guide: Find the Right Shoelace Length

Shoelace Size Guide: Find the Right Shoelace Length

Shoe laces aren't one-size-fits-all. Choosing the right shoelace size is crucial to perfectly fitting shoes.

Too long laces can turn into a tripping hazard, while too short ones can make your shoes fit uncomfortably tight. And, let's not forget about those awkward bunny ears when you try to tie laces that just aren't the right length.

So, to help you out, here's a shoelace size chart - a trusty guide to getting the right shoelace length.

Shoelace Size Guide

Without further ado, here are shoelace size charts based on length, width, and eyelet count:

Shoe Lace Length Chart

Shoelace Length Measurement

Shoelaces come in various lengths but here are the ones that most manufacturers and retailers go by. Since different parts of the world still use either English or metric measurement systems, here's a chart that shows you the standard lengths:

Length in Inches (in) Length in Centimeters (cm) Eyelet Count
24 60 3
28 70 3
32 80 3
35 90 4
39 100 5
43 110 5
45 114 6
47 120 6
50 127 6
54 137 7
59 150 7
63 160 8
71 180 9
79 200 10

Shoelace Width Chart

Shoelace Width Measurement

Laces also come in different widths. Here are the standard ones that most manufacturers and retailers go by:

Width in Inches (in) Width in Inches (in) Width in Centimeters (cm)
1/16 0.06 0.16
3/32 0.09 0.24
1/8 0.13 0.32
5/32 0.16 0.40
3/16 0.19 0.48
7/32 0.22 0.56
1/4 0.25 0.64
9/32 0.28 0.71
5/16 0.31 0.79
3/8 0.38 0.95
7/16 0.44 1.11
1/2 0.50 1.27
9/16 0.56 1.43
3/4 0.75 1.91

Eyelet Count

An essential concept in understanding shoelace lengths is the eyelet count. So what are eyelets? These are the holes that your laces thread through.

The number of eyelets on your shoe can be used to determine the length of shoelace you need. More eyelets mean a longer lace, while fewer eyelets require shorter laces.

Let's put this into context with a eyelet count for some popular shoe styles:

Vans Authentic Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Nike Air Jordan 1 Mid Eyelet Count

Vans Authentic: 5 pairs of eyelets, 45 in (114 cm) laces

Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star Low Top: 6-7 pairs of eyelets, 45 in (114 cm) laces

Nike Air Jordan 1 Mid: 8 pairs of eyelets, 63 in (160 cm) laces

It's important to note that eyelet count isn't a clear-cut way to determine the right shoelace length. Take the case of the Chuck Taylor All Star Low Tops where some models have 6 and some have 7 eyelet rows. Still, the stock lace length is 45 in.

It's better to start off with your shoes' stock laces and use that as a baseline for your replacement ones and decide on whether or not you need something longer or shorter.

Always refer to a comprehensive shoelace size chart or measure your current laces for the most accurate results.

Converting Between Inches and Centimeters

Lace length in inches may be the standard measurement for some (especially for those based in the US), but others might find lace length in centimeters more familiar.

Here's a nifty trick: 1 inch is approximately 2.54 centimeters. So, if you want to convert inches to centimeters, simply multiply the number of inches by 2.54. Conversely, to convert centimeters back to inches, divide by 2.54.

Suppose you've measured your shoelace and found it to be 45 inches long. To find out its length in centimeters:

45 (inches) x 2.54 = 114.3 cm

That's how you do a quick conversion between inches and centimeters.

Shoelace Length Measurement in CM

The Importance of Using a Shoelace Size Chart

While these recommendations provide a good starting point, referring back to a shoelace size chart can be incredibly helpful in ensuring accuracy. It eliminates the guesswork involved in selecting the perfect lace length for your specific shoe style.

So, the next time you find yourself in need of new shoelaces, remember to consider the unique characteristics of your beloved shoes and consult a trustworthy size chart to make an informed decision.

Understanding Shoelace Lengths

Your shoes' stock laces should already be the ideal length, especially for the standard criss-cross lacing pattern. However, there may be times where you would want to try a different lacing pattern or have some minor adjustments.

For instance, you may want to use a heel-lock pattern to reduce heel slippage, which is crucial for athletic footwear like running shoes. This requires you to use the last pair of eyelets so a bit extra length might be needed. Some stock shoe laces have shorter length that makes it impossible for you to make the extra loops and tie a bow properly.

Saucony Omni 21 Short Shoe Laces

In such cases, you may have to get a new pair of longer laces. This first starts with understanding what you have on hand, by measuring the length of your stock shoe lace.

Measuring Shoelace Length

Here's a step-by-step shoelace length measuring guide to get the most precise lace length:

1 - Unlace Your Shoe: Remove the lace from one shoe completely. This will give us an accurate starting point for measuring.

2 - Straighten the Lace: Lay it flat on a surface. Make sure it isn't twisted or knotted to avoid an inaccurate reading.

3 - Measure the Lace: Use a flexible tape measure or ruler to measure from one tip of the lace to the other.

4 - Record Measurement: Write down your measurement in both inches and centimeters for future reference.

Here are some extra tips for an accurate measurement:

Take Multiple Measurements: Measure at least twice to confirm your results.

Consider Eyelet Count: More eyelets usually mean longer laces.

Think About Lace Style: Flat laces might require more length than round ones due to how they sit within eyelets.

Allow for Slack for Tying the Bow: You might overlook the extra length you need for tying the bow. Here's what you typically need depending on the length of bow you want tied:

- Short bow: 1.5 to 2.35 in or 4 to 6 cm

- Normal bow: 2.35 to 3.15 in or 6 to 8 cm

- Long bow: 3.15 to 4 in or 8 to 10 cm

Keep in mind that, like shoes, not all laces are created the same. Variations in lace length in inches or lace length in centimeters can occur due to differences in manufacturing processes or material stretchiness.

Optimal Shoelace Lengths for Different Shoe Brands and Lacing Patterns

When it comes to finding the right length for your shoelaces, it's important to consider the specific shoe brand and style you're dealing with and what lacing pattern you want to use.

For example, both the Nike SB Chron 2 Canvas (skate shoe) and the Saucony (running shoe) both use 47 in or 120 cm laces. The Nike has 6 eyelets while the Saucony has 7 eyelet rows including the extra one used for heel-lock lacing.

Nike SB Chron Canvas and Saucony Omni 21 Mens Shoes

The Nike, as a skate shoe is quite snug, so there's no need for a lacing pattern that requires extra loops. Thus, the stock lace is more than enough to cover all eyelets and make a bow.

The Saucony's stock laces however, only have a little extra length even after standard criss-cross lacing, making using the heel-lock pattern quite difficult using just the stock lace. Replacing it with a 50 in or 127 cm lace proved to be just right for heel-lock lacing

How to Order Replacement Laces

Now, measuring shoelace length and knowing your need for a replacement is just the first half of the battle. The real challenge starts when you need to order replacement laces. So, how do you get that right?

Measure Both Laces for Accuracy

Accuracy is key here. Always ensure to measure both laces for precision. Even though it's common for both laces to be the same length, discrepancies can occur for various reasons like lace stretching or wear and tear, especially if one lace has been replaced before.

Use Precise Numbers While Ordering

Once you've measured your shoelace length (be it in inches or centimeters), use these precise numbers while ordering your replacement laces. Remember, this isn't a guess game — your shoe's comfort and fit depend on it.

Novelty Shoelaces? No Problem!

Now, what about those flashy novelty shoelaces that boast different shapes and designs? Well, the same rules apply. Measure the length of your current novelty laces before replacing them. While the lace length in inches or centimeters might match up with standard laces, their unique shape could mean they fit differently in the eyelets.

So, don't let a pair of ill-fitting shoelaces trip you up! With this guide to measure shoelace length and order replacement laces correctly, you're all set to tie up any loose ends... literally!

Wrapping It Up: Choosing the Right Shoelace Size

Navigating the world of shoelaces can be tricky, but remember that size does matter. A simple shift in length can transform your shoe-wearing experience, balancing comfort and fit just right.

Don't hesitate to take advantage of a shoelace size chart or put some effort into accurate measurements. It's a tiny detail that can make an enormous difference.

Remember, your shoes should be an extension of your personality. With properly sized laces, not only will you look stylish, but you'll feel incredibly comfortable too! So tie up those laces and step into the world with confidence!

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